Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Good BBC Breeding for Jenna

Thanks Dave!

"I'm 34 and this is my 19 year old girlfriend Jenna who is a sophomore at (a college). I've been lending her to other guys and letting them cum inside during her "safe" times. I found Marcus who is a very fit black guy and couldn't wait to see him inside her. When she saw the size of his cock she got super wet and excited. Even though she was a BBC virgin she took it like a pro. I almost blew my load when I heard him grunt and start filling her with semen. She kept bouncing on him trying to milk out every drop as he pumped more and more completely emptying his balls into her fertile young pussy. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Marcus again real soon."


First Sperm in Kylee's Mouth

Thanks Mike!

"My buddy's girl Kylee was over to help me "study" and got to sucking on my cock. She said no one ever came in her mouth before and she was trying not to gag on the taste as she swallowed it."


Tricia in the Car

Thanks Donny!

"Fucked this white girl Tricia in my car outside her boyfriend's apartment after giving her a ride home from working the late shift."


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brynn's First

Thanks Mike!

"My 20 year old submissive girlfriend Brynn is into adventure so I told her to fuck our friend Marcus while I watched. The three of us were in my room "studying" until late when knew everyone was asleep. But we still had to try to be quiet because my brother's bedroom is next to mine and I didn't want him to hear. She said she never had a black guy before and pretended to be doing it for me but I could tell she was really excited by how wet and sloppy her pussy was. Sorry no bareback because she's not on protection."


Tori Brought a Friend

Thanks Tavain!

"My girl Tori (brunette) and her best friend Janet (blonde). I know they are close and I've wanted to get in Janet for a while but she has a boyfriend. We all went out to a club and when we got back they were real cuddly with each other and I encouraged them to take it where it wanted to go. Soon I was in the mix and once Janet started mouting my cock I knew it was on. Tori even got really excited when I nutted inside her friend. Best night ever."


Little Devil

Thanks Tey!

"My buddy's girl on her way to meet her man at a Halloween party. I've been hittin it for a while and when I saw her costume I just had to stick it up her ass. Her booty is so tight it just sucked my whole nut in."


Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Bareback

Thanks Mark.

"I filmed my girlfriend Jenny getting a good black dick by a guy from work and watched him empty his balls deep in her. She's 24 and it was her second time with a black guy but her first bareback"


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nice Visit

Thanks Bret.

"I hope you will post this even though it's not me in the movie. It's my sister-in-law Missy who is 23 and was visiting from Kansas for a couple weeks. After she left I was doing some cleanup on the computer in our guest room and found a large file from the webcam. Which was odd because I hadn't used that cam in years. I opened it and found this video of Missy getting fucked by some black guy she must have met here. She seemed to have a good time with his big cock and it looks like he came inside her. That is really risky because I know she's not on the pill and she has a longtime boyfriend back home."


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Laura from the Deli Dept.

Thanks Larry!

"I have an obsession with trying to breed white girls. Laura is 19 and works in the Deli department where I used to work and I was trying to talk to her when I worked there but her boyfriend is the assistant manager and kind of a jerk. So for obvious reasons trying anything with her was a bad idea. But when I quit she was all friendly and saying we should stay in touch so we started texting all the time. Finally got over to her place when I gave her a ride home from work one day and her parents weren't there. Pretty soon we were in her room and it didn't take long to talk her out of her pants. He must be a smallish dude because her pussy was so tight I could only go for about ten minutes. Plus I was kind of nervous her dad could come home. But I made sure she was nice and wet before I nutted deep inside so my swimmers would have an easy time. Felt good knowing my former boss might find a little surprise in his girl later."


Throating Emily and Michelle

Thanks V!

"My friend Emily (redhead) likes to throat me as far as she can and her man don't care so long as we stay just friends. She convinced her best friend Michelle to try it with her and at first she said no because her boyfriend might find out but then changed her mind. They took turns and I was hoping for more but then I couldn't hold back and spurted a little nut down Michelle's throat and that was the end. But I'll try it again and hope to fuck them and get some (creampie) action next time."