Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Black for Tori

Thanks Ed.

"I convinced Tori from (a university) to cheat on her boyfriend. It's her first black cock and when she saw my size she hesitated. But when I got it in her mouth the way she was slurping I knew she was going to let me nut her pussy."


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Valentines Day Trifecta

Thanks James.

"Greetings from Manchester. My friend was required to travel and left his 23 year old girlfriend Emmy in my care on Valentines Day. She's an eager s**g and I took full advantage cumming in all three of her holes."


Fiance Krissy

Thanks Teddy.

"My fiance Krissy with my buddy Tyrone. After he fills her with his man juice he tries to convince her to go again in the ass but she wants none of that."


Sunday, February 15, 2015

On His Route

Thanks Hank.

47 year-old Hank drives a city bus and met 19 year-old Mary who takes his route every day to a local community college. She complains to him a lot about her loser boyfriend and eventually Hank convinced her to let him show her why black men are better. She's seems to be no stranger to anal because she adjusted quickly when he stuck it in her backside to finish.


Wendy Over-Insminated

Thanks LT.

"That one on your blog with Becky (The Breeding of Becky) is one of my favorites and I finally got my chance! I met this couple Chris and Wendy online and she's blown me a couple time while he films. She was finally ready to let me fuck her. As soon as I started in doggy she was so tight I knew I wouldn't last long so I flipped her over missionary and in just a minute started to cum in her. I'd been waiting for this chance and kept my dick in her to keep any from leaking out. But then she started to cum too and her pussy tightening around me made kept me hard so I started fucking her again and came a second time. All Chris could do was watch my semen and her cream overflow and run down his girl's ass."


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Seeding Ahnna

Thanks Tyson.

"This is my roommate's fiance Ahnna. We've been fooling around when he's not home and I wanted to cum in her pussy so bad. But she's not protected so always made me wear a condom. This was her safe time so she let me do it bareback just this once so I recorded and got the close-up."


Joni Ass-to-Mouth

Thanks Jon.

"This is from years ago in my dorm. Joni had a boyfriend back home but I helped her get the "college experience" with my black dick. I liked to stick it in her ass and then I would make her suck it until I came in her mouth."



Thanks Tyre.

"White girl Julia I work with her boyfriend"


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Abusing the Barista

Thanks Natrell!

"Dude this was so wild. My buddy Hal has been going out with the barista where we hang and he said was always up for a good time. Me, Hal, and Nick spent an afternoon taking turns on her at Nick's place. We cuffed her hands behind her back and she started blowing us and then kept sucking Nick while Hal fucked her and I filmed. Then Nick and Hal nutted on her tits but I wanted really bad to breed her white pussy. Even right after being fucked by Hal she was still so tight when I got in. And I thought for a minute she might make me pull out when I was getting close but she didn't and as I was emptying my balls deep inside she was climaxing too. I think it's the most I've ever cum."


Brittney from the Gym

Her boyfriend has no idea Brittney loves meeting black guys at the gym. She is usually able to get her secret lovers off with her expert oral skills. But this guy ended up getting more and giving a little something of himself inside her too.