Sunday, December 14, 2014

Amy Still Adjusting

Thanks again Marcus.

"Another meet-up with Amy. She's still getting used to my size but I gave it to her good this time to start getting her adjusted."

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rachel in the Shower

Thanks again, Rachel.

"Here's another one where me and Travis took a shower to clean up after another play date. But of course he ended-up just fucking me again"

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Cum in Kim

Thanks Dave.

"My buddy's girl Kim. Mostly I've just been licking her pussy till she creams and then she gives me head. I usually nut in mouth but it's been a while it was going to be a lot so when I was getting close I stuck it in her pussy a few quick strokes and filled it up instead. Sorry sound goes out a little."


Upper Deck

Thanks Quan.

"Met my coworker from (a store in the mall) on the top deck of the parking garage so we could check out the new xmas lights in the fountain from above. But she been giving me eye so I planned to show her something else too."


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Amy Cheats

Thanks Marcus.

"Met this white girl on CL and this is our first hook-up at my place when my wife was out of town. I didn't know she had a fiance until I saw the ring but he must be real a small dude because she was so tight I needed lube. Sorry we were looking at the camera the whole time neither of us ever been recorded before."

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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanks Mac D.

"I'm head of undercover loss prevention and it's a busy season for shoplifters. This 20 year old white chick has been busted by my team at least a dozen times. Sad thing is she has money and always enough on her but tries to get away without paying every time she's in the store and then cry and lie her way out when busted. When that stopped working she started giving head to my guys to be let go. I busted her again myself and she tried the same stuff with me but I said no way this has gone on too long. But she kept on begging said she would do "anything." She offered to blow me but I decided to teach her a lesson and told her that may work on my staff but she's dealing with the big man now so it would cost her way more than that. She thought about it for a while and then called her boyfriend or husband or whatever and told him she would be a little late. Now before anyone is like "dude that's so wrong" you're right it is. But I kept telling her getting busted was no big deal and we could just do that instead but she wanted to go through with it for me to let her go. And even though she didn't enjoy it I didn't hurt her and even made sure she was on the pill. It was awkward and about the worst sex I've ever had but it was worth it to be able to let my swimmers loose inside that chubby young white girl. And maybe next time she thinks of stealing from my store she't remember the feeling of my sperm swimming around inside her instead and think twice."


Rachel's Other Man

Thanks, Rachel.

"Hey Bobby here's the video clips of me and Travis. My boyfriend knows I "play" a little with Travis but he doesn't know how much I need the way he stretches me out."

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Good BBC Breeding for Jenna

Thanks Dave!

"I'm 34 and this is my 19 year old girlfriend Jenna who is a sophomore at (a college). I've been lending her to other guys and letting them cum inside during her "safe" times. I found Marcus who is a very fit black guy and couldn't wait to see him inside her. When she saw the size of his cock she got super wet and excited. Even though she was a BBC virgin she took it like a pro. I almost blew my load when I heard him grunt and start filling her with semen. She kept bouncing on him trying to milk out every drop as he pumped more and more completely emptying his balls into her fertile young pussy. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Marcus again real soon."


First Sperm in Kylee's Mouth

Thanks Mike!

"My buddy's girl Kylee was over to help me "study" and got to sucking on my cock. She said no one ever came in her mouth before and she was trying not to gag on the taste as she swallowed it."


Tricia in the Car

Thanks Donny!

"Fucked this white girl Tricia in my car outside her boyfriend's apartment after giving her a ride home from working the late shift."