Ride Me

Ride Me

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Abusing the Barista

Thanks Natrell!

"Dude this was so wild. My buddy Hal has been going out with the barista where we hang and he said was always up for a good time. Me, Hal, and Nick spent an afternoon taking turns on her at Nick's place. We cuffed her hands behind her back and she started blowing us and then kept sucking Nick while Hal fucked her and I filmed. Then Nick and Hal nutted on her tits but I wanted really bad to breed her white pussy. Even right after being fucked by Hal she was still so tight when I got in. And I thought for a minute she might make me pull out when I was getting close but she didn't and as I was emptying my balls deep inside she was climaxing too. I think it's the most I've ever cum."


Brittney from the Gym

Her boyfriend has no idea Brittney loves meeting black guys at the gym. She is usually able to get her secret lovers off with her expert oral skills. But this guy ended up getting more and giving a little something of himself inside her too.


Fun With a Classmate

Thanks BigK.

"Vid on my phone of the finish with this girl from my Arts and Humanities class. Hope her white boy back home sees this."


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Amy's Accidental Creampie

Thanks again Marcus.

"Here is another one with me and Amy. She's more used to me now that I'm seeing her more often.This time I got so caught-up that I forgot to pull out of her, however. She must have felt me starting to cum and started saying "no" and I then I pulled-out but it was mostly too late. I hope this doesn't ruin things between us."

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Alyssa's Late Payment Penalty

Thanks "Manager"

"I was really turned-on by that one a while ago with the building manager (Michelle and the "Forgetting" Chair) because I am a manager too which is a crappy job. I so much wished it was me. So when this hot girl Alyssa and her boyfriend moved in I thought about that post a lot. She's thin, beautiful, 19 years old, and a freshmen at (a local college). I'm 41, black, and fat so my chances of meeting and fucking someone like her are about zero. He always pays his half on-time but she's always short on cash. Which is weird because she seems to have plenty of money to shop online with a delivery truck there every day. So I finally told her she needed to be on-time or they would have to move and she panicked because it turns out her boyfriend has no idea she's been paying late. So I let her slide the first couple times but always the same shit so I finally knew this was my chance. I told her it was her choice a BJ or eviction. She was shocked and reluctant but did actually did it! She was mostly on-time after that but once in a while she was late but prepared to pay her penalty. Until recently when she was really late and I decided to try to take it farther and told her oral alone wasn't going to cut-it anymore. She seemed to sense this was coming and wasn't happy about it but didn't say no. This is her first upgraded late payment penalty I recorded on my laptop camera. She was so nice and tight and as soon as I got in her was saying "it's too big" and "hurry-up" the whole time. So I made it quick and nutted deep in her sweet young pussy. I like my job a lot more now."


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lacy Two at Home

Thanks Latavian!

"Me and my buddy James with this white girl Lacy I used to work with while her man was out shopping. I nutted once before recording but still managed to get a little more in her mouth and then James fucked her and nutted her pussy. Sorry we had to be quick but we had to go before her boyfriend got home."


Impregnated from a Condom Failure

Thanks Mike.

"Here's the video and a couple pics. Me and my 25 yo gf Angie have met-up with random black guys I met online a few times. We're always careful to meet the guys first and I always insist on being there to film so she's not alone. But she loves the thrill and we always, always use protection. This guy was especially big and she really enjoyed how he came for over a minute continuing to thrust into her the whole time. Well unfortunately we didn't realize until a month later that there must have been a tear or something in the condom. Now she's wearing baggy clothes to hide her growing baby bump until we can figure out what to tell people. We're about 90% sure it's not mine."


Scored Again

Thanks again Dwajaun!

"Hey Bobby it's been a couple years but I have another vid for you. This is me with a 21 year-old I met at another Former Player Appreciation Day at (a college). I took her back to my hotel but she said we only had an hour because her boyfriend would be looking for her. And I made sure to give a little extra inside her to remember me."

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Amy Still Adjusting

Thanks again Marcus.

"Another meet-up with Amy. She's still getting used to my size but I gave it to her good this time to start getting her adjusted."

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rachel in the Shower

Thanks again, Rachel.

"Here's another one where me and Travis took a shower to clean up after another play date. But of course he ended-up just fucking me again"

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