He's In

He's In

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tammy's 10 Inch Treat

Thanks Tammy!

"Hey Bobby this is me with a buddy my bf knows from basketball who hangs with us all the time. He doesn't know that when he falls asleep on the couch sometimes while we're watching TV I sneak to our bedroom with him. I call it my 10 inch treat because he is so long and it feels good when he quietly slips it in me for a quick nut before my bf wakes up."


Marissa Gets a Taste

Thanks Ed!

"This is my buddy's girl Marissa. We were alone in his apartment all day and I was working a move but she wouldn't give it up. But I did convince her oral wasn't cheating and found out that girl knows how to nut a man with her mouth. Still working on getting into that pussy."


Molly Comes By

Thanks Alton!

"25 year old Molly is set to be married to a work mate of mine but likes to pop by for my goods instead"


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Denise Long Ago at Chrismas

Thanks Franklin!

"My favorite is that lauren Christmas movie (A Merry Christmas for Lauren) and I have one like it. This is from a long time ago at Christmas too. A white couple I met wanted his girlfriend to suck my dick and me cum on her face. Her name was Denise and she was 25 or somewhere around that. But she never had a black cock before and he decided he wanted me to fuck her too. But her pussy was having a hard time taking it all so we switched to have her sit on me so she could ease it in. But she was just so tight and when she suddenly tensed up more I accidentally came in her right before she told me to stop. They kind of freaked out but I never heard from them again so must have been OK."


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nia Pays for BFs Debt

22 year old Nia ends-up being payment when her boyfriend can't cover some gambling losses. The guy records it on a cheap phone and taunts the boyfriend on the video the whole time. He gets mad when she won 't verbally stroke his ego while he's screwing her and ends-up breeding her even though he was supposed to pull out. He gets in one final insult by recording a close-up of her gaped vagina when he's through so her boyfriend can see it.


Mary Takes 2

Thanks Pete!

Pete takes his 28 year old girlfriend Mary to a hotel for some fun with two guys.


Anisa Cheats

Thanks DX!

25 year old Anisa cheats on her boyfriend with DX.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

LaMarc and Michelle

Thanks LaMarc!

LaMarc met 24 year old Michelle online looking for a little more adventure than her boyfriend was giving her. They ended-up at his place after a nice date.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dina Didn't Like It

Thanks Richard!

"This is my 25 year old gf Dina and I talked her into trying a black guy for me. She was really tight and nervous and he could barely get in her. She tried to enjoy it but really couldn't so he came in her fast. Unfortunately we probably won't be doing this again but at least she tried and I appreciate her for it."


Ashley Deep Seeded

Thanks Mc D!

"Me and a pudgy white girl Ashley. Met her after a game a while back and finally got to knocking her good. She didn't want me recording at first because she was afraid her boyfriend would see. But once she got busy with my rod she didn't seem to care anymore. Rocked her for a while and then felt the need to breed her and released my seed deep."