Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random Double

Thanks Cedric.

"Me and my buddy Deon met this random white girl at a club and she was bitching about her man all night. I think they had a big fight right before she went out. So we got her back to my place later and she started sucking my dick straight off. When Deon got her dress and panties off and started in on her from behind I grabbed my phone. She didn't let us go too long but at least got some of it for your site."


Monica with Derrick

Thanks Mike.

"No real big story here just recording my 25 year old girlfriend Monica with my friend Derrick."


Side Business

Thanks Steve.

Steve has been getting a little bonus from the 23 year old daughter of a lawn care client when he comes by during the day and she is the only one home.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey Micky

Thanks LaTrelle.

"From a few years back. My buddy's girl Micky got real creamy as I fucked her longer."


Shelly After Class

Thanks D.T.

"This is a white bunny in one of my classes at University of (****). Hope her man in Ohio sees how she's spending her time sucking my black dick."


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tessa After a Party

Thanks Shady!

Shady gave 26 year-old Tessa a ride from a friend's birthday party because her boyfriend was too lazy to come pick her up. But she agreed to a little stop-off at his place before heading home. And he left a little present inside for her boyfriend to find when she got there.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Tammy's 10 Inch Treat

Thanks Tammy!

"Hey Bobby this is me with a buddy my bf knows from basketball who hangs with us all the time. He doesn't know that when he falls asleep on the couch sometimes while we're watching TV I sneak to our bedroom with him. I call it my 10 inch treat because he is so long and it feels good when he quietly slips it in me for a quick nut before my bf wakes up."


Marissa Gets a Taste

Thanks Ed!

"This is my buddy's girl Marissa. We were alone in his apartment all day and I was working a move but she wouldn't give it up. But I did convince her oral wasn't cheating and found out that girl knows how to nut a man with her mouth. Still working on getting into that pussy."


Molly Comes By

Thanks Alton!

"25 year old Molly is set to be married to a work mate of mine but likes to pop by for my goods instead"


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Denise Long Ago at Chrismas

Thanks Franklin!

"My favorite is that lauren Christmas movie (A Merry Christmas for Lauren) and I have one like it. This is from a long time ago at Christmas too. A white couple I met wanted his girlfriend to suck my dick and me cum on her face. Her name was Denise and she was 25 or somewhere around that. But she never had a black cock before and he decided he wanted me to fuck her too. But her pussy was having a hard time taking it all so we switched to have her sit on me so she could ease it in. But she was just so tight and when she suddenly tensed up more I accidentally came in her right before she told me to stop. They kind of freaked out but I never heard from them again so must have been OK."